Siamese twins

Fall like children's dreams
into a new morning.
New me
new girl birthed inside the earth.
A ghost sticks in my throat
and a thousand voices burst inside my lungs.
This is the unseen side of me
the creature that lurks
just beneath the surface.
A white-hot woman who is in my bed
and I have been replaced
with the other one.
Like a flame extinguished in a dark room
she disappears
and shadows dance inside my mind.
The slam of a door
my swan song.
That other version of me
she is no more.
That girl that I once was
she does not live here anymore
the walls have cracked and fallen down;
skeletons from the closet
now lie scattered bones across the floor.
Nobody called her out to play
and sadness withered her away.
She doesn't come around here anymore.
You won't catch her around here
not anymore.



Published by

Shimmer & Disappear

22 • Manchester I write free verse poetry & short stories. I have a Bachelor's degree in English & Creative Writing. I mainly write about my personal struggles with Depression and BPD. My short stories are usually crime/horror/thriller.

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